1. Rosetta Hotel and Residential Apartments

Rosetta General Business PLC works with P&T Architects and Engineering Ltd, a famous and well known architectural Designing company for its two potential Hotel projects in Ethiopia.

The architectural design for Addis Ababa city hotel and the Resort hotel of Hawassa is being designed by the world wide reputed company, P&T Group.

P&T Group is ranked in the top ten largest consultancies in the world and is an award winning global design firm, and known with its design of New York Tower USA, Park Ventures in Bangkok, The Jubilee College of the Open University of Hong Kong, Yitian West Street, Yangshou, China and many more.resort 1


Rosetta is planning to build two international hotels in the capital city of Addis Ababa by the Legehar station (along Ras Mekonen Street) and the city of Hawassa and 5 luxurious residential apartments in Addis Ababa, next to Civil Service College.


The vision is to construct a 25-storey transit oriented development with an international brand upscale extended stay property containing approximately 150-170 hotel rooms and suits. It will include: meeting facilities, fitness center, swimming pool, residential and commercial space and underground parking (3 levels of underground parking with 300 parking spaces). Especially we are planning to build 3 levels of commercial spaces, 15 levels of hotel rooms and 4 levels of condos.

The Addis Ababa project location background

Rosetta in a process of building popular five star hotel at the heart of downtown Addis Ababa and fully integrated with newly stablished Light Rail Transit (LTR) and future planned National Railroad system (NRS). Rosetta’s project is strategically aligned with the vision of luxurious hotel in its kindresort 2


In Hawassa Rosetta is planning to construct first of its kind international standard 5 star hotel and resort that can be positioned as an extended stay hotel and resort containing approximately 150-200 guest rooms and suits that will include meeting facilities, food and beverage facilities, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and some recreational activities such as; muni golf course, horseback riding, canoeing, walking trails and SPA with The Hotel Houses.

This project proposal is currently based on 8000 2m with an additional 10,000 +m2 of water access. We are in the processing of getting all, the necessary permits from the government.

Hawassa/Awassa is one of Ethiopia’s lake resort cities. It is in the southern region of Ethiopia lying about 275km south from Addis Ababa and fast growing and well prepared to host tourists in its hotels and resorts. Lake Hawassa which is bound to the city, reaches a maximum depth of 21m with a circumference of 62km. The lakes circumference covers shores and many swampy bays. Lake Hawassa is about 15km long and 5.5km wide. The lake has a surface area of 801m2 and is a major sources of finish for local community. Recreation by boat is one of the activities on the lake which takes your breath away. This lake also has a beautiful sunset view.

  Legehar Hawassa
Type Multipurpose complex/Addis Addis Hotel  project Hotel and Resort/Hawassa Resort
Location Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Legehar Hawassa, Ethiopia
Area 1000 m2 10,000m2
Rooms 150-175 150-200
Facilities Meeting, food and beverage, fitness center, swimming pool, residential and commercial space and underground parking. Meeting, food and beverage, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming, mini golf course, horseback riding, canoeing, walking trails and SPA.


Residential Apartments

In Addis Ababa next to Civil Service College, behind NOC station, Rosetta is constructing five residential apartments with 560 square meters of area each. Each of these apartments will have 5 storey of residential houses, a parking lot at the ground and commercial shops. They will share common playground, gathering and recreational area.resort 6

20 houses will be constructed on each building, four houses per floor with 124 and 102 square meters of area.

The larger ones will have four bed rooms and the 102 m2 houses will incorporate three bed rooms. Each will include living, dinning, kitchen, toilets, bath rooms and balconies.

The location is ideal for living with  its fresh breath of air, access to the LRT station and the main road, closeness to several markets and the city’s hub; Megenagna.


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